Where can I find short-term apartment rentals or furnished Airbnb options during the transition period ?

Moving to a new location can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with the challenge of finding suitable accommodation during the transition period. Whether you’re waiting for your new home to be ready, exploring a new city before making a permanent decision, or simply need temporary housing, short-term apartment rentals and furnished Airbnb options are excellent solutions. In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive guide on where to find short-term apartment rentals and furnished Airbnb options, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free transition period during your move.


Airbnb has revolutionized the travel and accommodation industry, offering a wide range of short-term rentals, from private rooms to entire apartments and houses. With Airbnb, you can find furnished accommodations in various locations, making it a convenient choice for your transition period. Here’s how to find suitable options:

a. Search Filters: Use Airbnb’s search filters to specify your desired location, dates, accommodation type (e.g., entire place or private room), and amenities (e.g., Wi-Fi, kitchen, laundry).

b. Read Reviews: Always read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of the property’s quality, cleanliness, and the host’s responsiveness.

c. Communicate with Hosts: If you have any questions or specific requirements, don’t hesitate to message the hosts for clarification.

Furnished Finder:

Furnished Finder is a platform specifically designed for people seeking short-term furnished rentals. It caters to a range of needs, including corporate housing, travel nurses, and individuals in transition. Here’s how to use Furnished Finder:

a. Search by Location: Enter your desired location and dates to find available furnished rentals.

b. Verified Listings: Furnished Finder verifies listings to ensure accuracy and legitimacy, providing a secure experience for users.

c. Membership: While browsing listings is free, to communicate with property owners, you may need to purchase a membership.

HomeAway and Vrbo:

HomeAway and Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) are similar platforms to Airbnb, offering a variety of short-term rental options worldwide. These platforms are particularly popular for vacation rentals but can also be suitable for your transition period.

a. Extensive Inventory: HomeAway and Vrbo offer a vast inventory of properties, from cozy cabins to luxurious beachfront villas.

b. Direct Communication: These platforms allow direct communication with property owners, enabling you to discuss specific requirements or negotiate terms.

Corporate Housing Providers:

Many companies specialize in corporate housing, providing furnished apartments for professionals on short-term assignments or individuals in transition. These providers often offer more extended stay options and may have agreements with various properties for discounted rates.

a. Search Online: Look for corporate housing providers in your desired location, and inquire about availability during your transition period.

b. Customizable Options: Some corporate housing providers offer customizable packages, allowing you to select specific amenities or services.

Local Real Estate Agencies:

Contact local real estate agencies in your target area and inquire about short-term apartment rentals or furnished options. While they may primarily deal with long-term rentals, some agencies also manage furnished properties for short stays.

a. Personalized Assistance: Real estate agents can provide personalized assistance based on your budget and preferences.

b. Local Knowledge: Agents can offer insights into the best neighborhoods or areas that suit your needs.

Extended Stay Hotels:

Consider extended stay hotels, which offer apartment-style accommodations with hotel-like amenities. These hotels typically provide kitchenettes or full kitchens, making them convenient for longer stays.

a. Weekly or Monthly Rates: Many extended stay hotels offer discounted rates for stays lasting a week or more.

b. Hotel Amenities: Enjoy the convenience of hotel services like housekeeping, front desk support, and fitness centers.

Craigslist and Local Classifieds:

While exercise caution and verify authenticity, websites like Craigslist and local classifieds may have short-term rental listings posted by individuals or smaller property management companies.

a. Meeting in Person: If using classifieds, meet the landlord or property owner in person before committing to a rental.

b. Security Deposits: Be mindful of security deposit requirements and ensure a written agreement is in place.


Finding short-term apartment rentals or furnished Airbnb options during your transition period is crucial for a comfortable and smooth move. Utilize online platforms like Airbnb, Furnished Finder, HomeAway, and Vrbo to explore various options across your desired locations. Additionally, consider corporate housing providers, local real estate agencies, and extended stay hotels for a wide range of choices. Remember to read reviews, communicate with hosts, and verify listings to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. By using these resources and being proactive in your search, you’ll find the perfect temporary accommodation to suit your needs and make your transition period a positive experience during your move.

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